Old tale



It is a first MY lathe. It is one piece when considerably ill-shaped it (Now)
but becoming a stage which can seem finally to be the lathe.

The one only of slot of an aluminum corner pipe (ant ditch type) and driving
Pooley with Yasri falls on the bed. Dear-.

It was blown off as the byte dug into suddenly while cutting brass without
supporting Gocoroo when was, the headstock cracked by the impact, and the zipper
and the companions (main axis & bearing away) stole my left shoulder. It was with
no it was-lever.

It will be such unbalanced.  break thenThe whole is not seen the person
concerned however because (*S) becomes crazy. だから、痛い(恐い)目にあうまで

実はこの頃、真鍮を削るバイトは上スクイ角を付けないということも知らずに やってい

It is burning- in those days.  wisdom